Mauritania: Bright prospects for Islamic finance


Florence Eid-Oakden, Ph.D, Chief Economist
Charlene Rahall, Atousa Tahmasebi, Analysts

In this week’s report, we analyse macro trends in the Mauritanian economy and highlight growth in the Islamic finance industry.

Highlights include:

  • Real GDP growth is projected to recover to 4.1% in 2016 from 1.9% in 2015. What factors are expected to drive this? What are the downside risks?
  • What factors are expected to drive growth in Islamic banking services and what reforms underway could speed up this process?
  • Efforts are underway to allow President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to run for a third term. How will this be received by the public?

The Country views series shines the spotlight on specific developments in MENA countries, analysing them from a local perspective to deliver forward looking views for businesses and investors.

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