Mubarak’s release will not affect today’s Egypt – Dr Florence Eid-Oakden on China Global Television Network

CGTN Interview

Dr Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor gave an interview today on China Global Television Network (CGTN, formerly CCTV News), sharing her views on Mubarak’s release from prison last week after 6 years’ detention.

Dr Eid-Oakden commented that the departure of Mr. Mubarak was part of the passing of an era where security was prioritised over economic development for average citizens, in Egypt as well as throughout the Arab world. Therefore the trial or the outcome of the trial will not affect today’s Egypt that has bypassed that era.

On whether or not Egypt’s democracy was Western-imposed, Dr Eid-Oakden noted a genuine cry from the people for democracy. She added that democratic transition takes time and the current economic performance and political situations in Egypt are part of this transitional process.


Watch the full interview here