MENA Trade Finance Week 2017


Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden will open the panel on Day 1 of the Trade &  Export Finance titled “Economist think-tank: Maintaining competitive edge in regional trade”. This in-depth macroeconomic assessment will examine some of the priorities impacting on the UAE and beyond.

Dr. Eid-Oakden will focus on regional macroeconomic and geopolitical developments:

  • How are markets adjusting to and accommodating lower oil prices? Has there been a cyclical pick-up in other commodity prices?
  • Achieving greater economic diversification and increasing non-oil share of GDP through fostering entrepreneurship
  • Assessing the impact of Iran on regional geopolitical trends, what are the implications of the Trump presidency for the Iran nuclear deal?
  • Are we witnessing a resurgence in Sino-MENA relations? What of relations with India as a major trading partner?

 For further details on the event, and the programme, please click here.