Arabia Monitor:

Arabia Monitor is an independent research firm specialising in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North African region, which we view as the new emerging market. With few other regions offering the opportunities currently available in MENA, a detailed understanding of the underlying drivers would be crucial to any business strategy. Our forward looking perspective allows us to place recent developments in the region within a broader context and a long-term view. As the only independent research firm covering all 18 Arabic speaking countries (+ Iran), Arabia Monitor acts as a research and strategy back office for its clients.


Local expertise, global perspectives for big-picture view:

Adopting a broader perspective allows our analysts to draw out implications for the region from unfolding global trends. Arabia Monitor’s expertise lies within its human capital. With 80+ years of relevant MENA experience, our team of native analysts benefit from a thorough understanding of complex regional dynamics. Offices in London, New York and Beijing infuse an international perspective into Arabia Monitor’s research.


Forward-looking research to place you ahead of the curve:

Arabia Monitor’s in-depth, locally informed analysis by Arabic speakers has placed it consistently ahead of the curve in identifying new trends within and around the region. Our native understanding of local nuances (including access to local press and media sources in Arabic, French, Chinese and Persian) ensures our analysis is comprehensive. By cutting through the noise, Arabia Monitor insights look past the headlines to deliver fundamental assessments on key risks, current and emerging.


Privileged access to decision makers delivers value from a position of authority:

Arabia Monitor’s senior staff members have periodic, off the record, private one-on-one conversations with high-level officials in order to keep their fingers on the pulse and offer forward looking insights. These have included in the past representatives of sovereign wealth funds and hydrocarbon companies from the GCC, as well as regional leaders including central bank governors, ministers and executives. This is also implemented in some of our monthly conference calls with the presence of special guests sharing unique views on the region.


Receive comprehensive macroeconomic coverage and analysis of the MENA region:

Arabia Monitor’s corporate subscription offers your team access to insights on MENA, keeping them ahead of the curve in identifying the moving trends within the MENA markets. Our unique perspective on the region allows us to identify emerging opportunities and place risks within a broader context to deliver conclusions relevant to businesses and strategy planning. Corporate subscribers have access to Arabia Monitor’s Arabic/French/Persian and Chinese speaking analysts through monthly conference calls and off-the-record conversations.


Advancing your engagement in MENA:

Through our prime client service, we aim to support your company’s decision making process in identifying suitable joint venture projects in MENA, and to help grow your firm’s positioning in the market while simultaneously developing your image as a thought leader and innovator in the region. What follows is a suite of Arabia Monitor’s services and products which you can draw upon in a flexible way, adapted to your business priorities at any given point in time. These services could be delivered as executive briefings by our senior economists, bespoke reports or stakeholder analysis.