Dr Florence Eid-Oakden’s Bloomberg interview on Saudi sukuk issuance, Turkey’s referendum and the OPEC deal

Bloomberg Interview

Dr Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor, shared her views on Bloomberg TV on Saudi Arabia’s first USD sukuk issuance, Turkey’s referendum and the OPEC deal.

Dr Eid-Oakden comments that the huge appetite for Saudi’s first USD sukuk issuance, which is more than 4 times over-subscribed, is not surprising to her, as the global demand for such debt facility is growing and she is expecting more debt issuances from the Kingdom. On Turkey’s referendum, she states that economic fallout would be limited to Turkey, particularly regarding FDI, which could be reduced if referendum does not go through. Volatilities are likely to continue regardless of the referendum outcome, as the regime has moved from focusing on economy to politics, which creates volatilities. When asked for her view on the oil market, Dr Eid-Oakden expects an extension of the OPEC deal.
Watch the interview here.